Database of Zeolite Structures

Framework Type IHW
Type Material
  Material Name: ITQ-32    
Chemical Formula:
Unit Cell:

 C m c e (# )
    a' = 13.6988Å b' = 24.0665Å c' = 18.1968Å  
    α' = 90.000 ° β' = 90.000° γ' = 90.000°  
Framework density:
18.7 T/1000 Å3
[100] 8 3.5 x 4.3**
  Sorption (molecular cross section > 3.4Å): 2-dimensional
  Topological (pore opening > 6-ring): 2-dimensional
There are 12-ring connections between the channels along [100] but there is no continuous 12-ring channel.
    Cantin, A., Corma, A., Leiva, S., Rey, F., Rius, J. and Valencia, S.
   "Synthesis and structure of the bideimensional zeolite ITQ-32 with small and large pores"
   J. Am. Chem. Soc., 127, 11560-11561 (2005)
Name and Code derivation:
    Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica Valencia - thirty-two
  ITQ-32 (thirty-two)
Limiting Rings
8-ring viewed along [100]